In a small village in India, the global is meeting the local in many different ways.

global meet

The organization HIMVKAS is only connecting the dots through its Kaaya Centre at village Tilwari in Dehradun India. Kaaya in Hindi means a ‘body’  or ‘form’ …..and,  in the village Tilwari, it represents a physical space for interacting with nature, village life and our own selves…


Who we are?

tilwari2HIMVKAS is a not for profit organization working with hill communities in the Himalaya for last eighteen years. Organization’s vision is an equitable world with enough opportunities for all to live in a state of well-being and peace.

What we do?

tilwari2Our mission is to support disadvantaged and vulnerable communities’ augment their livelihood in an equitable, economical and sustainable manner while conserving Himalayan natural resource base.

The organization is presently led by  Santosh  who has extensive  experience in community development. A fellow in International Development Policy at  Duke University, NC, USA and an alumnus of  Indian  Institute of Forest  Management ,  he has settled down  to  initiate change from Tilwari KAAYA Centre.


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